Joanne Stampley's Freedom, My Son PDF

By Joanne Stampley

ISBN-10: 1436390419

ISBN-13: 9781436390415

ISBN-10: 1436390427

ISBN-13: 9781436390422

"Freedom, My Son
We can’t move on hurting this way
We can’t cross on hurting this way
So, I’ll offer you your freedom and regularly pray
That the solar will shine
Leaving darkish clouds dehind
You by no means noticeable the ache in my eyes
Or the loneliness in asserting good-bye
So have your freedom my son
No extra combating, you’ve gained


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Freedom, My Son by Joanne Stampley PDF

"Freedom, My SonWe can’t pass on hurting this wayWe can’t cross on hurting this waySo, I’ll provide you with your freedom and consistently prayThat the sunlight will shineLeaving darkish clouds dehindYou by no means visible the ache in my eyesOr the loneliness in asserting good-byeSo have your freedom my sonNo extra battling, you’ve gained "

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