Music School

Music School

Solo Classic

Gaining Skills that las a lifetime

Solo Classic is located in Buffalo Grove and has over 350 students and a renowned, diverse staff ready to create a customized musical education for each student so that they may achieve their musical aspirations quickly and more efficiently.


Opening its doors in 2001, Solo Classic has been a neighborhood staple dedicated to providing students with a rich musical education as well as encouraging the foundation of music programs in surrounding schools. Our school provides unparalleled teaching methods centered on a diverse learning environment-we firmly believe in a customized curriculum based on the needs of the student.

Solo Classic Music School honors the individual needs of our students and believe that with the correct guidance, all students can achieve their musical potential. We encourage original thinking and test the boundaries of conventional approaches, because music is art after all! We also firmly believe in providing students with a diverse array of educators from all backgrounds so as to broaden the scope of understanding concerning music performance and beyond.



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