A Family Affair

Welcome to Our Family…


Our Son Peter

Peter has been active in music from a young age, traveling across the country to perform on string bass. He worked alongside Roumen restoring instruments and re-hairing bows. Now, a computer engineer, Peter is aiding his family in modernizing the business and bringing Solo Classic into the technical age!


Managing Partner Dani Raykovski

Always one to overcome and preserver, Dani Raykovski dreamed of expanding beyond selling and renting instruments and built Solo Classic Music School from the ground up scouring the country for the most educated and professionally experienced teachers. Visit SoloClassicMusicSchool.com and meet some of our master faculty!

Roumen Raykovski

Maker Roumen Raykovski

Roumen Raykovski (owner) was a teacher in Bulgaria when he first heard about the Chicago School of Violin Making-one of the few schools in the world educating on the traditional methods of string instrument making. 20 years later, a diploma, and experience restoring the world’s most priceless instruments later, Roumen channels his expertise into every instrument he makes by hand.


Our Daughter Iliana

Iliana began playing violin at 7 years old and was instrumental in setting up her junior high’s first orchestra program. Iliana also began teaching violin and viola at Solo Classic gaining wisdom and experience working alongside Solo Classic’s faculty of master instrumentalists.