Our Story

Handcrafted instruments from the very beginning…


Since 2001, the Raykovski family name has been synonymous with the old-world craft of making fine, master-crafted instruments

Opening a family-owned string instrument business and music school was the vision of Roumen and Dani Raykovski, who originally moved to Chicago from Bulgaria in 1997. Roumen began his studies of instrument making at the Chicago School of Violin Making studying under master luthier Tschu Ho Lee–one of the few schools in the world that offers a program focused on the traditional methods of string instrument making. Alongside his studies, Roumen honed his skills and established himself as an excellent repairman and fine instrument maker working for Karnes Music Co. in Chicago where he repaired, set up, and made adjustments to string instruments.

A few years later, Roumen began working for William Harris Lee where he restored priceless instruments as well as the instruments of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra establishing himself as a prominent name in Chicago’s musical community for his remarkable talent in restoration and violin making.

Roumen’s hard work and dedication, not only towards making string instruments by hand, but also assimilating to his new country of residence, paid off when he and his wife opened Solo Classic with the help of their children Peter and Iliana. Together, the family set up shop and quickly earned an esteemed reputation as the reliable, superior go-to instrument and music business, open 7 days per week, to meet the needs of the Chicagoland area.

With the help of his family and community, Roumen’s dream came to fruition and expanded into a music school, soon filled with renowned teachers from across the globe possessing both professional musical experience and exceptionally regarded higher education. Their son Peter played bass in high school and traveled often throughout the country for performances. With the help of her parents newfound business, daughter Iliana established her junior high’s first orchestra program and began teaching violin and viola at Solo Classic gaining wisdom and experience working alongside master instrumentalists.

Roumen and Dani are living proof of the American dream and continue to share their passion for music with the community.