String Rental Program

String Rental Program

String Rental Program

Where quality and playability are of the utmost importance, at fair and the most competitive prices around.

Solo Classic never compromises on the quality of rental instruments. Whether our rentals are in the hands of beginners or professionals, they need to offer brilliant playability while upholding the artful appearance of instruments inspired by the ancient Italian tradition of makers like Stradivarius, Guarnerius, and Balestrieri.


Whether it’s our custom hand made instruments or our rentals, Solo Classic never discriminates when it comes to the attention to details. That’s why every instrument in our rental program is set-up, adjusted, and repaired by Roumen Raykovski, owner, in-house string instrument maker, and graduate from The Chicago School of Violin Making with over 20 years of experience.


Solo Classic is more than a business, it has been a pivotal part of the Chicago music community for the past 17 years and has not only founded musical programs at various schools, but been a key advocate in promoting musical education and involvement.

Why rent from Solo Classic?

1) Competitive Prices

Learning a musical instrument hard enough, let’s make renting We offer the most competitive rates around, but we never compromise on quality. Unlike other companies, our rates will never spontaneously increase within your rental period.

2) Superior Rental Quality

Our in-house, renowned string instrument maker and owner Roumen Raykovski. Count on well-made instruments that offer superior playability. We have the highest standards for our rentals and make sure that the details don’t go overlooked.

3) Dedicated Craftsman

Should the inevitable repair be required, Roumen Raykovski also has celebrated restoration experience and become a big name in the musical community offering the same attention to detail on your rental as he does on priceless, Baroque era instruments that he restores.

4) Convenience

As a family owned business, we understand your family’s stressful schedule, that’s why we’re open 7 days a week—visit us at your convenience.

5) Attention to Detail

As you grow as a music student, so should your instruments. We offer the option of switching to the next size instrument at NO COST

The Solo Classic Rental Experience

Learning to play a musical instrument is hard enough, so we believe everything else involving the purchase or rental of an instrument should be easy.

We believe rentals should be high quality AND affordable, because the last thing a musician needs is a faulty instrument. That’s why sound and quality come FIRST at Solo Classic. Feel free to compare our instruments to ANY of our competitors and hear the difference for yourself!

Your Rental Package Includes:

  • Instrument from superior quality European maple and spruce—hand varnished so it looks as good as it sounds.
  • Set up with ebony fingerboards and pegs
  • Set up with professional-grade strings and tailpiece with built-in tuners and soundpost
  • Set up with a unique and custom bridge, all set up by hand
  • Equipped with a bow with horse hair, re-haired individually for precise playability
  • Maintenance provided by renowned restoration master and maker Roumen Raykovski, graduate of the Chicago School of Violin Making and member of the Violin Society of America
  • Each rental outfit includes an instrument, bow with horse hair, rosin, and sturdy case to amply protect the instrument


Interested in upgrading your rental instrument outfit? While standard rental outfits are suitable for beginners, often-young players, upgraded rental outfits are ideal and recommended for more advanced musicians or individuals who wish to secure the best possible sound from an instrument.


Upgraded rentals include upgraded cases ensuring the instrument’s optimal protection, hand selected strings from the best string makers (with Evah Pirazzi, Obligato or Dominant strings) enabling superior sound, and a higher quality wooden bow and hand poured rosin guaranteeing easier playability.

*Sign up for ten private lessons with instrument rental and get the first month of rental FREE!


*Sign up for a 10 months rental and get two FREE!