Master Craftsmanship

Hand making Instruments in the European Tradition…

Solo Classic Violin Making

New violins, violas, and cellos by Roumen Raykovski are handmade in the style and tradition of the master Cremonese Italian violin makers.

Roumen’s passion for crafting fine string instruments has granted him his ultimate purpose in life. With over 20 years of experience, he has developed a signature style in instrument making and honed his craftsmanship through restoring priceless, highly sought after instruments—although he devotes the same amount of committed attention to any quality of instrument, regardless of value.

Over the years Roumen has crafted many legendary instruments, making a handful per year to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of each one. Every step of the crafting process is done with carefully thought-out accuracy and always executed with an ode to the European tradition.


The wood chosen is well seasoned, Bosnian maple for the back, sides, and scroll, and the top is comprised of Italian spruce—most of the wood has been aged for at least 25 years. Taking into account years of foresight and trips to his native Europe to hand select each piece of wood has greatly benefited Roumen’s instruments.

Roumen’s violins are constructed mainly in the tradition of Stradivarius, Guarnerius, and Balestrieri outlines, cellos are inspired by the Stradivarius and Amati models, and violas also follow the Stradivarius outline in a comfortable 16 1/4″ model, as well as an ergonomic model based on an “oak leaf” pattern.


For esthetic purposes, most of Roumen’s instruments are varnished with a slight antiquing in order to maintain the look inspired by the ancient instruments, with the exception of special order copies. Roumen feels that the unique wear that occurs over time is the best form of patina that an instrument could achieve, especially because Stradivarius always constructed new instruments, which aged over time. Roumen’s instruments may be commissioned with usually less than a year for your order to be completed. Clients are welcome to input over their instrument and kept updated throughout the progress.


In addition to hand making instruments, Roumen has a distinguished ability to restore instruments. It is Roumen’s belief that the smallest of details in the set up of the instrument can make a world of difference in the quality of the sound. Every set up conducted requires the musician’s opinion and preference concerning resonance and sound.

To complete the instrument package, Roumen also performs extensive repairs on bows, including re-hair and adjustments.