Repairs & Restoration

Fine Restoration and Repairs by Renowned Maker Roumen Raykovski

string instrument repair

The Restoration and repair of violins, violas, cellos and bows has been a staple in Solo Classic from the very beginning

In addition to selling handmade string instruments, existing in the Chicago music scene has brought many of the world’s finest musicians through our doors. Working with centuries old instruments has been a badge of honor for Roumen Raykovski who prides himself on bringing an instrument to it’s original glory, while maintaining the brilliant playability and tonal quality that comes with an aged instrument.


Instrument Repairs

Solo Classic offers regular maintenance service on instruments as well as full service repairs of violins, violas, cellos, and bows.


Patient adjustment and repair of your instrument is always of paramount importance, allowing the collaboration of both the musician’s needs and the instruments’ well being to work in tandem



Fine restoration of instruments and bows, as well as expert set up and adjustments, have satisfied many professional musicians worldwide. The restoration of a master-crafted instrument requires the process to be performed with respect to the original maker, without leaving signs of restoring luthier’s hand so as to maintain integrity and preserve the history of the instrument.


Countless numbers of notable and historic instruments and bows have been expertly repaired and restored in our shop.


If you have an instrument in need of restoration or repair and wish to inquire further, please visit our studio or contact us (provide link to contact page) in order to schedule and appointment.


The Process 

After an examination of the instrument is made, we will recommend necessary repairs and walk you through steps in making the adjustments answering any questions you may have.


Upon request, an itemized list of repairs can be drawn up.


Estimates are made to ensure playability and tonal quality, but if your goal is to simply display an instrument, we can arrange to for just physical repairs to be made and save you the cost of internal and structural repairs.


Upon approval, a timeline will be provided and a loaner instrument can be made available if necessary.

Instrument Repairs & Restoration
Instrument Repairs & Restoration
Instrument Repairs & Restoration
Instrument Repairs & Restoration

Instrument Repairs

Below is a general idea of common repairs. Any instrument can be restored and repaired ensuring the highest playability possible.

  • New bridge cut-to-fit
  • Bridge straightening and adjustment
  • New soundpost cut-to-fit
  • Soundpost adjustments
  • Installation of pegs, chinrest, tailpiece – choose from Ebony, Rosewood, and Boxwood
  • Peg bushing
  • Fingerboard dressing
  • Glue open seams
  • Any kind of crack repair
  • Professional touch up, cleaning and polishing

Bow Repairs & Restoration

The following is a list of some of the most common bow repairs. Any bow can be restored, just give us a call!

  • Bow rehair with Russian White, Mongolian White, Mongolian Black or Colored hair
  • Installing New Leather Grip
  • Installing new winding
  • Fitting new ivory imitation tip
  • Eyelet Bushing
  • Stick Bushing
  • Bow Recambering
  • Frog Repair
  • Head Repair
  • Installing New Slide