Terms and Conditions



Clicking “Finish and Submit” serves as your electronic signature for the purpose of this rental agreement therefore signifying agreement with the terms of this rental contract. This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Illinois.



Upon termination of the original rental period, the agreement shall be automatically and consecutively renewed for the same period of time as shown on front page until terminated by either the lessee (customer) or the lesser (Solo Classic). The contract can be cancelled up until and including the last day of the current rental period; however, once payment has been made for a rental period, no refunds will be issued. In addition, the rental contract remains in force until the rental instrument is returned to Solo Classic Inc. Return of the instrument is the responsibility of the lessee (customer). The instrument may not be returned to any school without prior permission and arrangement for pick-up with Solo Classic Inc. The instrument must be returned in good condition, together with the case, parts and all included accessories.



The rental insurance covers normal wear and tear, accidental damage, periodic check-ups, and bow rehair as necessary. The instrument will be replaced in case of loss by theft (Police Report required).The Rental M&R coverage also covers the maintenance (adjustments and repairs) necessary to keep the instrument in proper playing condition. The rental insurance does not cover negligent care, malicious (willful) damage or mishandling which results in damage to the instrument. The rental insurance does not cover instrument loss due to fire, flood, earthquake, or other natural disaster. Such determination as to negligence, malicious or willful damage will be made in our sole discretion, and shall be reasonably made based on our years of experience If the damage is covered under the rental insurance and if the estimated repair cost of the instrument is more than its current value, the lessee (customer) must pay 50% of the retail instrument cost. It is up to Solo Classic to determine whether an instrument returned with damage that is normal wear and tear and if it is not, the renter is liable for incurred costs. Solo Classic reserves the right to cancel insurance should continued abuse and repeated incidents are incurred by the instrument. Cello renters will owe a $100.00 fee, bass renters – $180.00, if the neck breaks off the instrument, regardless of how it occurred. Should the instrument be damaged beyond repair or the damage is on the top, back, scroll, or the ribs of the instrument, the client assumes responsibility in the amount of 50% of the retail value noted on the contact. Customers without rental insurance coverage are responsible for paying the full instrument retail price and applicable taxes if the
instrument is damaged beyond repair. All repairs must be performed by Solo Classic professional technicians. No other person or company is permitted to do any repair or adjustment to the instrument.



Solo Classic will allow up to 100% of rental payments to be applied as a discount toward the purchase of an instrument during the first year of rental and 50% of rental paid thereafter, not to exceed 40% of the list price of the purchased instrument. Rental insurance payments do not apply to purchase of the instrument.



You will be billed for each additional rental period at the close of the preceding term. A late charge of $5.00 per payment period will be assessed to any payment received more than 10 (ten) days after the due date. There is a $20.00 returned check fee. If the account becomes more than 30 (thirty) days past due, Solo Classic reserves the right to charge the lessee’s credit card on record for the rental period plus a late fee of $10.00. If the account become more than 90 (ninety) days past due, Solo Classic Inc. will employ the services of a collection agency or attorney and you will be responsible for all additional charges and expenses Solo Classic Inc. will incur, including attorney fees and court costs that may apply.



By renting online with Solo Classic, you understand and authorize that your credit card or debit card will be charged every quarter (every 3 months) or 10 months (depending on chosen rental period), and that no refunds will be given. You agree to these terms through purchase of the rental instrument and complying with the rent online feature. The amount of the debit will appear on your credit card statement and will be in accordance with the amount indicated on the rental agreement and thus no rental statements will be provided from Solo Classic Inc. In the event of any changes, it is the client’s responsibility to update their credit or debit card information and you will be responsible for any late fees incurred if your credit card is declined for any reason at the
time the charge is initiated. Solo Classic Inc. is not liable for providing advanced or subsequent notification of any transaction initiated to your financial account due to a prior billing error. This authority will remain in effect through the return of the  instrument and cancellation of the rental contract or until Solo Classic Inc. is notified by you in writing no later than seven business days before the next due date.



Provided that your account is current and up to date with payments, it is agreed by the client that the instrument can be returned to Solo Classic Inc. at any time. Neither your orchestra teacher nor your school is a part of this agreement; you should NOT return the rental instrument to the orchestra director or the school without first making arrangements with Solo Classic. Until the moment the instrument is returned to the store, the instrument is in the client’s FULL responsibility—the person whose name and signature appear on the agreement or who paid for it using the rent online feature and ONLY that person. Should an instrument be returned in advance, before the completion of the rental period, the client agrees that there will be no refund provided for the
remaining months.



Should the client’s account become past due by more than 10 days, the account becomes in default of this agreement and your insurance (maintenance and repair) coverage is VOID and you will be considered ineligible for service calls to your school. Should you be in default, Solo Classic also reserves the right to repossess the instrument at any time with or without the knowledge of the renter. Should the account be past-due by more than 30 days, Solo Classic Inc. is authorized to charge any active credit card associated with the account for the full amount due (including related fees to the instrument) and you will not be notified before your credit or debit card is charged. In the event that your account is more than 60 days past due, Solo Classic Inc. will seek the services of a collection agency or attorney in which case you will be responsible for all expenses and fees Solo Classic will incur in enforcing this agreement to the extent allowed by law, and all accumulated rental equity. In the event of a default, all personal information may be used by Solo Classic Inc or any other approved agent for the purposes of retrieving the instrument. Should you declare bankruptcy, the rental instrument and all accessories remain the property of Solo Classic Inc. and must be returned immediately.