The Craftsman

The Craftsman

The Craftsman

Roumen Raykovski studied at the Chicago School of Violin Making for three and a half years. His teacher was well known Master violin maker Tschu Ho Lee. Roumen is also a member of the  Violin Society of America and has a great passion for his work.

“I find myself making string instruments and I like very much what I am doing with my life”. Each customer of a handcrafted instruments is asked for input and kept updated through out the whole process.

Roumen devoted more than fifteen years in developing unique skills related with  artistic restoration and violin making.He can perform repairs on any violin, viola, cello, or bass, including rebuilding, refinishing, crack and neck repair, bridges, sound posts, and every other aspect of string repair. Everything that he has worked on is finished with the highest quality and care, no matter the value of the instrument. In addition, he provides extensive repairs on bows including re-hair and adjustments.

Roumen was working for Karnes Music Co. for seven years, American music Co. for tree years and as a repair manager with world-renown shop William Harris Lee,Co. in Chicago for tree years. He had opportunity to repair and restore instruments of greatest values.

Roumen always takes the time to do the work thoroughly and with great precision, and hold himself to very high standards. Quality is always achieved, and every customer has left greatly satisfied with his work.

“Very small changes in the set up of the instrument make a difference in the quality of the sound. Every time I make a set up I need the player`s opinion about the sound. For me this is really important.